Review: #10278 Police Station - BRICK ARCHITECT (2023)

#10278 Police Station is $199.99 (179.99€ / £169.99 / 269.99 CAD / 299.99 AUD), 2,923 pieces, ages 18+. With so many pieces, this set comes to just $0.068 per piece in the USA; well below the common benchmark of $0.10 per piece.

As with previous additions to the Modular Building series, it will be released worldwide on Friday, January 1, 2021 at and LEGO-Brand Retail Stores.

#10278 Police Station – Box Front and Back.

My very first impression of this set was not charitable, as I was instantly appalled to see a police station released in the midst of Black Lives Matter movement in the United States. After acknowledging my disappointment with the timing of this release, I gave it the much closer look it deserves… And I was quite pleased with what I saw when I pored over the set photos which were released on Black Friday.

Specifically, I appreciated the ornamental architectural style of the central Police Station building, which features a prominent brick edge that stands out on either side, called ‘rustication’ in architectural terms. The building on the right isn’t architecturally interesting, but when I saw the photos of the interior it became clear that it was a recent addition to the older police station building.

The box is bigger than all of the other sets in the Modular Building Series that I own.

On the left, we find a nicely detailed donut shop and small apartment building, with a delicious 324Medium Lavender exterior that evokes the brightly colored donuts inside. I was confident that these older architectural styles would look great next to classic sets like the Parisian Restaurant, or the more recent Bookshop.

The nearly 3,000-piece set comes in a surprisingly large box that features the new “Adults Welcome” packaging which debuted in early 2020. Stylistically, the black background and custom logo is a massive departure from previous sets in the series which featured bright, welcoming colors and more familiar LEGO packaging design. While I understand the desire to differentiate these products which are designed for Adults, I do not think it works as well in these City-themed sets as it works in the Architecture series.

It’s the second largest set in the Modular series after the 4,002-piece #10255 Assembly Square, which is the only set wider than a single 32×32 baseplate.

The box is taller and deeper than last year’s #10270 Bookshop.

The box is the same width as 2020’s #10270 Bookshop set but taller and deeper. The better comparison is the older #10232 Palace Cinema set which is the same width and height, but shallower than the Police Station.

The box contains a bunch of bags which are loose, plus a second box within-the-box.

After opening the box, it becomes clear why it is so much bigger than some other sets in the series—LEGO included a second box within the outer box to store some of the parts bags, the instruction booklet, the large 32×32 baseplate, and a few other loose large plates.

What’s loose in the main set box?

  • Stage 1: 1x Large bag (marked 243S0), and 1x Medium unmarked bag.
  • Stage 4: 1x Large bag (marked 343S0), and 1x Small unmarked bag.
  • Stage 5: 1x Large bag (marked 443S0), and 1x Small unmarked bag.
  • Stage 7: 1x Large bag (marked 643S0), and 1x Medium unmarked bag.
  • Stage 8: 1x Large bag (marked 443S0), and 1x Small unmarked bag.
  • Stage 9: 1x Large bag (marked 743S0).
  • Stage 13: 1x Large bag (marked 443S0), and 1x Small unmarked bag.
  • Stage 14: 1x Large bag (marked 243S0), and 1x Small unmarked bag.
  • A smaller white box (marked 6345538), containing the parts/bags listed below.

Contents of the smaller box.

(Video) LEGO Police Station Modular Building Review (10278 | 2021)

What’s in the smaller box?

  • Instruction manual (in a sealed bag marked 6353629).
  • 1x – 32×32 Baseplate in [dark gray].
  • 1x – 16×16 Plate in [dark gray].
  • 2x – 8×16 Plate in [Dark Tan].
  • Stage 2: 1x Large bag (marked 542S0), and 1x Small unmarked bag.
  • Stage 3: 1x Large bag (marked 742S0), and 1x Small unmarked bag.
  • Stage 6: 1x Large bag (marked 642S0).
  • Stage 10: 1x Large bag (marked 642S0).
  • Stage 11: 1x Large bag (marked 343S0), and 1x Medium unmarked bag.
  • Stage 12: 1x Large bag (marked 143S0), and 1x Medium unmarked bag.

Stages 1-6: First Floor

The bottom of the model from the first bag starts off like other models in the Modular Building Series; by carefully positioning a lot of gray tiles! While the donut shop floor is flush with the street, we quickly see that the ground floor of the police station is actually two bricks above street level. While somewhat uncommon within the Modular Building series, this is not the first time where the ground floor of a building is above street level. (In fact, the apartment in last year’s #10270 Bookshop is about 4 bricks above street level.)

Progress at the end of Stage 1.

Two noteworthy details in the first bag include an unexpected sideways technique for the rear staircase to the Police Station (which results in steps that are 5/6 of a brick tall). The other highlight is the small cavern beneath the police station, which includes a metal spoon. (A not-so-subtle reference to a fantastic Morgan Freeman film.)

The second bag continues where we left off, with a focus on the tiled floor of the Police Station, and a few more details in the donut shop. We also build a simple newspaper stand, which I think will become more important to the plot of the overall set as we continue building. The most delicious addition is the inclusion of our first two doughnuts!

The second stage adds the tiled floor of the Police Station and some donuts in the shop!

The third bag is probably the sweetest in the set. It’s time to fill the donut shop with donuts, cookies, swiss rolls, muffins and more—Yum! This is also the stage where we assemble the donut shop employee, which I am happy to report is holding a second pot of hot coffee. It’s also worth pointing out the excellent brick-built water cooler which we add to the lobby of the Police Station.

Progress at the end of Stage 3.

The highlight in the fourth bag is the staircase which continues to use the SNOT technique we saw a preview of in the second bag. Since the staircase bends as it goes up, we need two assemblies that attach to studs on the walls. It isn’t a complicated trick, but it isn’t something I’ve seen in a set before and is done to good effect. The rotary phone on the front desk is great for placing the set in a particular era, in this case around the 1940’s.

The staircase employs clever SNOT techniques.

We still need a front door, so let’s get building! The fifth bag adds one more interior wall, and then focuses on the front door and front façade. There are some clever building techniques used to build the triangular pediment above the double front doors. The left and right side of the doors have a nice rusticated treatment with both 5Brick YellowTan and 138Sand YellowDark Tan, which is built as another sideways SNOT assembly. The clear globes on either side of the door look great and have jumped in popularity with architecture builders, even being included on the iconic green lamp post in the recent LEGO Ideas Sesame Street set.

The fifth bag (left) adds the front façade, and the sixth bag (right) adds a tiled top edge and foliage.

With the sixth bag, it’s finally time to finish the first floor. This includes tiling the top edge of the model, an easily removeable wall including the gate to the jail cell which gives access to the crawlspace below, and the top half of the newsstand. Lastly, we build cute bushes on either side using a stack of the new 6-tooth splat gears (part 35442) in 28Dark GreenGreen. (With the color shifting from purple to tan to green, at a glance you might think we were building the recent Diagon Alley set, although strong color shifts are common in a retail environment so this is quite realistic.

Build time: 2 hours and 40 minutes. (Bag 1: 30 minutes, Bag 2: 25 minutes, Bag 3: 25 minutes, Bag 4: 30 minutes, Bag 5: 30min, and Bag 6: 20 minutes.)

Stages 7-10: Second Floor

In the first half of bag 7, we build a rigid base for the second story of the model. This is fairly involved as it has an oddly shaped profile which includes several holes for play features and stairways. In the second half, we start building the interior and exterior walls, as well as a small room in the green adjunct building on the right which is used to take photos of suspects. The newspaper man is assembled with an accessory which he appears to be using to steal donuts from the shop.

Stage 7 creates a rigid platform and the walls for a small apartment.

(Video) LEGO Police Station Modular (10278) | 2021 Set Review | WHAT A STORY!

The eighth bag is straightforward, bringing the walls up to their final height. This is followed by interior details including a compact kitchen in the apartment above the donut shop—perhaps the smallest living quarters ever featured in the modular series.

Progress at the end of stages 8 (left) and 9 (right).

The ninth bag is also quick, but adds a lot of fun details to the second floor. We start with another one of these clever SNOT stairway assemblies, which is identical to the floor below. The two desks in the front of the police station are particularly well done with a typewriter on one and a rotary phone on the other. The 151Sand Green lampshades help with the period feeling to the room.

The last bag for the second story starts with an incredibly clever wall featuring a crime scene map, with a 21Bright RedRed Rubber Belt, Medium (part x37) used to connect points on the map. It’s abstract, but instantly recognizable to anyone who has seen a detective drama set in this period.

The second story is now complete.

The police station’s front façade continues to impress, with ornate details achieved using some clever SNOT building techniques which expose the underside of a 1×2 jumper to represent decorate carved stone working. The same technique was used on the first floor to achieve strongly rusticated left and right edges for the central building. The detailing continues on the second story, with a longer section of decorative ivy stretching the full height of this floor. This is a satisfying conclusion for the second story of the building.

Build time: 95 minutes (Bag 7: 30 minutes, Bag 8: 25 minutes, Bag 9: 20 minutes, Bag 10: 20 minutes.)

Stages 11-13: Third Floor

Moving on to the third floor, we build the base and walls for the left side of the model in Bag 11. This includes the rooftop for the donut shop and apartment on the left side of the model since it is shorter than the police station building. As for the interior, we only get a few small details in this bag, including a plater, wall hangings, and a reel-to-reel tape recorder.

The third floor includes a clever reel-to-reel tape recorder.

In Bag 12, we add yet another bathroom (minifigures must have bowel issues!), plus a small room on the top of the right-side of the building. At first, I thought this was a darkroom, but I remember from the designer video that the model includes an evidence locker, which is clearly what this is. Since it has a shorter roof, it is removeable to see the evidence stored within, which includes references to several prior Modular Buildings as Easter eggs.

There’s another bathroom, and an evidence closet with a removeable roof.

The last detail I wanted to highlight was a continuation of the cutaway interior walls, which use the new 1×3 inverted curve to create a smooth edge to reach in and manipulate minifigs. This is evidently the solution that the designers have come up with to include smaller rooms while maintaining a degree of playability.

The third story is complete!

The second-to-last bag finishes the front half of the building. This includes the windows and venetian blinds which re-introduce 1×2 with Ladder (part 4175) in [white] after a 30-year hiatus in that color. We also see a bunch of smaller details including a table and chairs which confirm that the rightmost room in the front is meant to be used as an interrogation room. Another fun detail is the addition of a roll of toilet paper, which is attached in an unexpected place in the build process.

Build time: 75 minutes. (Stage 11: 25 minutes, Stage 12: 25 minutes, Stage 13: 25 minutes.)

(Video) LEGO Modular Police Station 10278 Review

Stage 14: Roof

While I expected the final bag to be pretty quick, it was actually a bit more involved than anticipated. That’s in part due to the intricately decorated cornice which uses unprinted (Minecraft wolf head) parts upside down to give a distinct period styling. We also add a small transmission tower to the roof of the police station.

The final stage includes the roof, a water tower and billboard.

In addition to this, we also add two details that add to previous steps: a water tank on the roof of the apartment, and the massive 6×12 printed billboard for the town laundromat. (I’m sure that they are able to lease billboard space for a premium when the cheque goes to the sheriff. Kudo’s to the graphic designer for two well-placed circles that hide the center indentations on these 6×6 tiles!)

Stage 14: 15 minutes.

#10278 Police Station – Completed model.

Review: #10278 Police Station - BRICK ARCHITECT (19)

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We already talked about the great price-per-part in the set but haven’t had a chance to talk about the parts themselves. This set features both completely new parts, existing parts in new colors, and new printed parts, making it a treasure trove for MOC builders.

I know some folks are disappointed by the inclusion of so many parts in 5Brick YellowTan, especially after the Massive Tan Parts Pack (#10276 Colosseum) was released just two weeks ago. I’m actually pleased by this decision, as doubling down on a single color is a great way for The LEGO Group to quickly increase availability of critical parts in a single color, making it even easier for LEGO builders to use that color to create amazing MOC’s. Maybe next year we will see a similar explosion in parts availability in another popular, but less readily available color. (Here’s hoping for 151Sand Green, 138Sand YellowDark Tan, 154Dark Red, or 38Dark Orange!)

New parts:

  • 7x – 1×3 Inverted Bow w/ Notch (part 70681) in 5Brick YellowTan.
  • 12x – 1×3 Inverted Bow w/ Notch (part 70681) in 194Medium Stone GreyLight Bluish Gray.

I have tried to highlight all of the recolored parts that are new in this set below… (Credit to New Elementary for identifying most of them.)

Existing parts in new colors:

  • 3x – 2×1 45° Slope, Cutout w/out Stud (part 28192) in 312Medium NougatMedium Dark Flesh.
  • 3x – 1×1 Tile, ½ Circle (part 24246) in 312Medium NougatMedium Dark Flesh.
  • 12x – 6-Tooth 2×2 Plate Gear (part 35442) in 28Dark GreenGreen.
  • 8x – 2×2 Bracket, Inverted (part 99207) in 138Sand YellowDark Tan.
  • 4x – 1×1×1 2/3, 2 Studs 1-side (part 32952) in 151Sand Green.
  • 3x – 1×1 Tile, ½ Circle (part 24246) in 192Reddish Brown.
  • 4x – Minecraft Wolf Head (part 21098) in 194Medium Stone GreyLight Bluish Gray.
  • 4x – Bar 7×3 Ladder w/ Clips both ends (part 6020) in .
  • 5x – 1×4×3 Window (part 60594) in 308Dark Brown.
  • 3x – 1×1 Clip, Horizontal (part 61252) in 324Medium Lavender.

As is the tradition in the Modular Building Series, there are no stickers in this set! While most of the details are achieved using unprinted parts, there are several existing printed parts in the set (including many donuts and cookies) and a few new ones.

New Printed Parts:

  • 2x – 2×2 Tile (part 3068) with Newspaper print in 1White.
  • 1x – 6×6 Tile (part 10202) with Soap Suds Billboard (part 1/2) in 1White.
  • 1x – 6×6 Tile (part 10202) with Soap Suds Billboard (part 2/2) in 1White.
  • 1x – 2×2 Round Tile (part 14769) with updated Clock print in 1White.
    NOTE: The instruction booklet shows the older 14769pb001 part in the building instructions, and in the partlist on page 310.
  • 1x – 2×2 Round w/ Hole (part 15535) with Pink Donut print in 5Brick YellowTan.
  • 1x – 2×2 Round w/ Hole (part 15535) with Brown Donut in 5Brick YellowTan.
  • 1x – 1×2 Double Cheese Slope (part 85984) with Rotary Phone print in 26Black.
  • 1x – 1×2 Double Cheese Slope (part 85984) with Typewriter Keys print in 26Black.
  • 1x – 1×4 Tile (part 2431) with POLICE print in 140Earth BlueDark Blue.

I want to address some of the issues associated with releasing a prominent police-themed LEGO set at this moment in history before moving onto my final conclusion and recommendations for this set. While you’re welcome to skip this section to read the conclusion of this review based on the genuine merits of the LEGO set, please do take a moment to recognize (especially if you are a white American) that your ability to set these issues aside is essentially an act of privilege.

As I mentioned in the introduction, this set was released at a particularly charged moment in US (and international) history. Despite the existential threat posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, tens of millions of Americans participated in the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests. While the movement is broad in scope, the central focus of most protests has been many instances of police brutality against black and brown Americans.

The list of Americans that have been killed under police custody is too long to list here, but the flash point in this year’s movement is well understood; a police officer in Minneapolis killed George Floyd on May 25, 2020 by kneeling on his neck. Floyd was caught on video struggling to say “I can’t breathe” before he died while in police custody.

While there are clear institutional problems with policing in America, that does not mean that every (or even most) police officers are villains. On the contrary; there are countless examples where police officers have risen up as heroes when our communities are in trouble. Individual police officers can be heroes at the very same time that institutional racism prevents the system from serving all Americans equally.

Reflecting & Respecting

Because this is an active movement which remains in-flux, many within the LEGO community have expressed concerns that this is not an appropriate time to release a high-profile LEGO Police Station (though there has been vocal demand for a modular Police Station ever since the release of the Fire Brigade). I recognize that The LEGO Group is a global toy brand, but they should be sensitive to current events as they design and release new products, and the United States is their single largest market. (There is a precedent here; they re-designed the Las Vegas skyline Architecture set after a shooting at Mandalay Bay.) Besides, the Black Lives Matter movement has resulted in protests around the world!

I had considered staging a BLM protest outside of my new LEGO police building to acknowledge the current reality, but I quickly realized that I have too few black and brown minifigs to stage a believably diverse protest. (Flesh-colored minifigs are sadly only included in licensed themes, and I own relatively few licensed sets.)

Black Lives Matter

(Video) LEGO Police Station Build & Review (Set 10278)

As this set becomes widely available in January, I expect that we will see many more provocative images based on this set. The simple scene I created above is just the start… Given that this is an active protest movement, I expect that we will see LEGO depictions of elaborate protests, occupy movements, violent altercations, and more in the weeks and months to come.

Considering the long history of the LEGO Modular Building series, yes, of course it makes sense to add a Police Station. We already have a Fire Station and a Detective’s Office—but maybe in 2021 what we needed even more is a Hospital! That said, I understand that it takes more than a year to design a large LEGO set like this one, but maybe they should have fast-tracked next year’s model and waited until these issues of police brutality had settled before releasing this set.

I have already highlighted that this set should have been released at a different time. My closing comments are based on the merits of the set alone. Besides, the set doesn’t touch on serious topics of crime and violence, but rather on a lighthearted heist involving stealing a few donuts using a fishing pole when the shop is closed.

To be honest, while I have seen all of the sets in the modular series, last year’s Bookshop is the only other set that I’ve actually built myself. #10278 Police Station compares very favorably to that set for a number of reasons: the building techniques are more advanced, the size of the model is more impressive, and the interior is more complete.

I think this is the most aesthetically pleasing combination of Bookshop and Police Station sets.

I played with the order of the two 16-stud wide modules in the Bookshop and the one 32-stud wide module from the Police Station to see which combination looked best. While the 312Medium NougatMedium Dark Flesh of the Bookshop clashes a bit with the 324Medium Lavender of the Donut shop, the overall rhythm felt best with the Police Station in the middle and the Bookshop on the left, largely because the birch tree obscures the edge of the model it sits next to.

One of the reasons for the larger part count in this set is the higher level of detail, despite a similar price when compared to recent sets. It also helps that most of the footprint is occupied by the Police Station interior, rather than splitting the space between two similarly sized buildings like the Bookshop. This increased footprint allows for not just one, but two bathrooms; a massive improvement from last year’s set which didn’t include any!

Modules for each floor shown side-by-side.

I have to admit that the Police Station was a very satisfying build–it benefits from the vintage 1940’s crime caper vibe. The inclusion of a realistic water tank on the apartment roof and a billboard for the laundromat add a lived-in realism to this model which is not present in every set in the series.

The most common critique I’ve seen is that the left and right sides of the model aren’t very attractive. This is true, but in practice they will be displayed next to other sets in the series, and even when displayed by itself, your attention is drawn to the front façade or to the interiors when you open it up.

#10278 Police Station, as viewed from all four sides.

Overall, #10278 Police Station is a great set with thoughtful play features, a striking design, versatile new parts, and a great price point. That’s why it earns our highest marks; a “Must Have” (5/5 star) rating for fans of the Modular Building Series (awarded based on the set only, not the circumstances of its release). In fairness, it only barely earned that rating due to the somewhat sparse interiors, but was pushed over the edge by the great value.

#10278 Police Station is an excellent set that you should consider adding to your city.

I’m also pleased to report that it would be very easy to modify the model into any civic building due to the relatively open interior and limited Police branding on the exterior. If you decide to re-allocate police funding to establish stronger social services in your community, it will be easy to do it!

It’s great to see some fresh new ideas in the Modular Building series. #10278 Police Station will be a great addition to your city when released on January 1, 2021 at

The LEGO Group provided this set for the purposes of this review. The opinions in this article are strictly my own—providing sets for review does not guarantee a positive review. Photos in this article are by Tom Alphin unless otherwise noted. Visit the About page for more info about our journalistic standards and affiliate programs.


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In total, there are 24 parts bags numbered 1 through 14, a grey 32x32 base plate, a grey 16x16 plate, two nougat 8x16 plates, and the instruction booklet.

How long does it take to build the LEGO Modular Police Station? ›

Build time: 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Who designed LEGO Police Station? ›

Chris McVeigh designer at the LEGO Group commented: “We've had a lot of fun designing the LEGO Police Station. An architectural gem and treasure trove of quirky features, it's the perfect place to start building your LEGO streetscape, or a brilliant addition to an existing one.”

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10278 Police Station is a Creator set that was released on January 2, 2021.

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Is the Lego police station retired? ›

The current retail price is $199.99, however, the average sales listings on the secondary markets is closer to $209. The set is estimated to retire sometime within mid to late 2024.

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  • 92176 NASA Apollo Saturn V – [US] [AUS] [Amazon]
  • 21324 123 Sesame Street – [US] [AUS] [Amazon] [Amazon Australia]
  • 21321 International Space Station – [US] [AUS] [Amazon] [Amazon Australia]
13 Sept 2022

Can you Unyellow LEGO? ›

First clean the bricks with soap and water. Then, while wearing safety glasses and latex dishwashing gloves, soak discolored Lego pieces in 3% hydrogen peroxide, placed in direct sunlight. Make sure all pieces remain submerged, and periodically wipe away any bubbles that form to ensure all surfaces are brightened.

Are retired Legos worth more? ›

LEGO prices vary greatly on the secondary market and generally increase two to three years after retirement. Returns range from -50% to +600% annually, so don't assume every set will automatically make you rich.

Why is LEGO getting sued? ›

LEGO is Being Sued for Copyright Infringement Over Leather Jacket Design.

Does LEGO improve your brain? ›

As researchers have discovered, construction block play, including with LEGO Bricks, offers a full spectrum of benefits to the budding mind. Some of these benefits are found in the usual areas, such as math, spatial activities and early engineering skills. Others are more surprising, especially social skills.

What does snot in LEGO mean? ›

It may sound funny, but SNOT is no joke. It stands for 'Studs Not On Top' and it's a great way of building with LEGO® bricks!

Is LEGO worth more than gold? ›

Investing in Lego is more lucrative than gold, art and wine, according to a study. It found that the market for secondhand Lego rises in value by 11% annually, which it says is a faster and better rate of return than gold, stocks, bonds, stamps and wine.

What is bigger than LEGO? ›

The sizes of LEGO, DUPLO, and QUATRO blocks. The small one on the left is the LEGO brick, the middle one is the DUPLO brick, and the large yellow one to the right is the QUATRO brick. QUATRO bricks, hence the name, are designed to be twice the dimensions of LEGO DUPLO bricks.

What is the bigger LEGO called? ›

DUPLO® bricks

Our DUPLO® bricks are scaled up to be twice the size of our regular LEGO® bricks. Our research has shown that the larger size makes them perfect for younger LEGO® builders.

How long does it take to build LEGO police station? ›

Build time: 2 hours and 40 minutes.

How many pounds of pressure does it take to break a LEGO? ›

While the very first LEGO toys were made from wood, the current LEGO brick is made of plastic and can withstand more than 4,200 newtons of force before it crushes under the pressure. In other words, a single brick can support weights of nearly 1,000 pounds before breaking.

How long can LEGO last in water? ›

LEGO is one of the most enduringly popular toys in the world. Still, its endurance becomes a problem when the bricks end up in the environment. A new study has found that discarded bricks can survive in the oceans for up to 1,300 years.

How many bags are in the Lego roller coaster? ›

The bags containing large green plates, and roller coaster rails are un-numbered. All in all, there are over 45 bags in the box. I could barely fit them all in shot: I'll look briefly at the numbered bags as we go through the building process.

How many bags are in the Lego at at? ›

But now, it's onto the build. Clocking in with 6,785 pieces, there's a lot of actual assembly in order to turn the fifty bags of bricks into a model ready to invade the Rebel Alliance on Hoth.

How many bags are in the Lego block? ›

Inside are 20 bags, 19 numbered 1 to 12 and 1 unnumbered bag, and an Instruction Manual.

How many bags are in a LEGO set? ›

LEGO provide a easy lookup for most instructions included in sets if you do not have a physical copy. An easy way to find out these sort of things is to find a review online, for sets of this size there are often quite lengthy details. A total of 9 bags, each with 1 or 2 smaller bags inside.

Can you bring a backpack on a roller coaster? ›

You just bring your backpacks on the ride with you. Many of the thrill rides have pouches inside the ride vehicles that are meant to be safe holding places for your belongings.

Will LEGO replace a missing bag? ›

If you discover that a prepack bag is missing or you're missing many parts from a new set, it's best to give us a call. We can help you figure out exactly what's missing and send you the parts you need as soon as possible. The bags in most of our sets are numbered but there might be several bags with the same number.

How many hours does it take to build Lego roller coaster? ›

LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster – How fun is the build? The build is epic. Set aside around 12 hours. And be prepared to thread an awful lot of 2 x 2 round bricks onto Technic axles.

Is there a limit in the LEGO store? ›

We're always grateful to our fans for their interest in our products, but sometimes our most popular LEGO® sets fly off the shelves! To be fair to all customers who order products from us, we set a limit per household on most items. You can check that limit by looking at a set's product page on the LEGO® Shop website.

Why does LEGO leave extra pieces? ›

Once again, the answer is tied to the weight of the bags. Remember, a machine is packing the bags for each Lego set, and the machine is counting the weight rather than the number of pieces. The smaller pieces do not weigh as much, so it is harder to get an accurate count per bag.

What happens if you get 10000 supporters on LEGO Ideas? ›

If you're aged between 16 and 18 and your idea reaches 10,000 supporters, we'll need written permission from a parent or legal guardian before your project is considered in the LEGO Review.

Does LEGO Pick a brick have a limit? ›

You'll find the most commonly requested pieces in the Pick A Brick selection on LEGO Shop. If you need lots of parts, this is the best service as you can order a quantity of up to 999 pieces per brick. We change the bricks that are available to make sure we always have the most popular bricks.

How long does it take to build the Lego question mark block? ›

Building LEGO Super Mario 71395 Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block should take you around four hours and 30 minutes from start to finish, but taking your time with the experience and appreciating the finer details isn't a bad idea either.

Do LEGO sets ever miss pieces? ›

We do our best to make every set perfect and we take it very seriously when a faulty one sneaks through. Don't worry though, we can send you the parts you need! Please click “Missing Bricks” on the Bricks & Pieces section of our Customer Service site to order the part you need to finish your set.

How many Legos do you need per person? ›

The company has made 400 billion LEGO elements or 62 bricks for every person on the planet. If stacked on top of one another, the pieces would form 10 towers reaching all the way from the Earth to the Moon. The bricks produced today have the same bumps and holes, and can still interlock with those produced in 1958.

What LEGO sets have over 1000 pieces? ›

The Best LEGO Sets Over 1,000 Pieces
  • Eiffel Tower. ...
  • See at LEGO. ...
  • Hulkbuster. ...
  • Technic Land Rover Defender. ...
  • LEGO Ideas The Globe. ...
  • Nintendo Entertainment System. ...
  • LEGO Ideas Typewriter. ...
  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Millennium Falcon.
30 Jun 2022


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