Housing Connect Application Guides - HPD (2023)

New NYC Housing Connect

The new NYC Housing Connect is here!

How to Apply

Applicants may elect to submit an application by one of two methods: either online or by mail. To submit an application online, visit theNYC Housing Connect. To submit an application by mail, you must follow the directions listed in the advertisement. Completed original paper applications must be returned by regular mail only. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered. After the deadline, applications are selected for review through a lottery process.

Application Guides

Before applying, please take time to read and review our helpfulguidesbelow with more information about getting ready to apply, what to expect, calculating your income, and after you apply. The guides below are currently being updated, though these versions continue to be useful for applicants preparing to apply for affordable housing.

Click a topic, or press the enter key on a topic, to reveal the guide.

NYC Housing Connect Guide

Housing Connect Application Guides - HPD (1)

The NYC Housing Connect Guide explains applying for affordable housing in New York City.

(Video) 🏘😰NYC Housing Connect Rejected My Application For An Apartment😰🏘

The Guide covers:

  1. About NYC Housing Connect
  2. Getting started
  3. Applying for housing
  4. After you apply
  5. How to learn more


Applying for Affordable Housing *Updated June 2020*

Ready, Set, Apply!

(Video) HPD Marketing Handbook or Affordable Housing Q&A?

Income Guide

Your income is an important part of your affordable housing application. This Income Guide shows you how to calculate your income.


(Video) 😱🏘 Why N.Y.C Housing Connect Couldn't Process My Application For An Apartment🏘😱

Affordable Housing Eligible Income Levels by Household Size

Use this chart that helps explain the income categories we use to determine eligibility for affordable housing, which vary by household size, so you can see where you and your family fit in.

Does my income qualify me for affordable housing?

After You Apply

If your application is selected, this After You Apply guide provides checklists and resources to help you prepare for your affordable housing interview.

(Video) 🏘 Housing Connect Apartments {Part ~ 2) I Got Selected 🏘


To hear information in different languages about how to apply, please call:

  • English: 212-863-5610
  • Spanish: 212-863-5620
  • Cantonese: 212-863-8925
  • Haitian Creole: 212-863-8939
  • Korean: 212-863-8979
  • Mandarin: 212-863-8924
  • Russian: 212-863-8936
  • Arabic: 212-863-8961


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